Thursday, April 9, 2009

Episode #5 - Hot or Not

Italians ain't got nothin' on us...maybe because Kelsey and I are Italian, or maybe it's because Kelsey and I continue to get 'er done. It's week 5 out of 8 and Kelsey and I are still goin' strong. We've survived blind date night (with Kelsey's dish being the critics favorite), we've survived opening night (with me never having been a waitress and rockin' the house), we powered through the brick wall (She's real, she's about respect...Panya everyone) and now we have held strong through an Italian lunch service. 

Here is a lead up to our Italian lunch service. The producers told us that a bunch of Italian families would be dining in our restaurant. The morning of service a prop guy shows up with 3 extra high-chairs, hello red flag, we knew that there were going to be kids that day. So we prepped the chefs and had the high-chairs ready to go. As families started trickling in I began seating them one by one. 

Everything comes in threes, at least this is the word on the street and for Italian day it was spot on. Guest #1: Mario Batali the king of Iron Chef and Italian cooking. Not only am I a huge fan of this man, he is a world renowned chef and a good friend of Marco's so the pressure was on to remember the menu, get their food out and make their lunch enjoyable. Cut to guests #2, a huge Italian family walks in and sits at my table. Now mind you I have never really watched the Soprano's so to me this was just another Italian family from New York. The reality of things was that my table was full of the Soprano's family, Vinny and at least 3 or 4 other cast members. And when did I find this out, oh don't worry, half way through service when one of the producers finally said, do you have any idea who those people are? They ended up being my favorite table, such warm and friendly people. Finally guest #3, Coleman Andrews, the food critic. Wouldn't you know that all of them sat in my section, and all of them left with in the hour being fed and satisfied. 

What you didn't see was Mario's amazing orange croc's, Vinny tipping me with a hundred dollar bill (even though I refused it several times) which totally comes into play later on in the game, along with other tips I started to get from guests (hey, its not my fault I'm a killer waitress). And the most hilarious thing that no one saw was how innocent Kelsey and I were to everyone's wrath. We had no clue that Sam or Lisa were so out to get us, and we didn't really care. We just did our thing, worked as a team within a team and it worked for us. 

Let me give you a little background to the Sam blow-up about how she is hotter then me. The morning of the last episode I was in the elevator with Sam and Angie. Now we had been told to wear something grubby as we would be painting that day so I'm wearing camo cargo pants and a white T, not these two. Sam is wearing a silk pink flowered dress with stilettos and her hair all did. I proceed to say "Wow, you look cute today" and you will die when you hear the response I got. First Sam proceeds to say, "I know" and then, as if it couldn't get more egotistical, Angie follows that up with "She always looks this good" Oh My Goodness....I was shocked, although I shouldn't have been given how vain and selfish they had been the previous three weeks. I mean what do you say to that? "My bad, I forgot you are always hot?" Or should I have said "Oh yeah you are a beauty queen, what was I thinking of course you always look that good?" So I got out of the elevator and thought nothing of it...I've thought nothing of it up until last night when I watched the show. And the truth of the matter is that I probably was a better waitress then her, everyone who sat at any table I served through out the entire show, was not only treated like they were the food critic, they were treated like they were my personal friends and family and that is what serving people in a restaurant is all about, making people feel at home without being intrusive, and I mastered that. Maybe if she would have stepped up as a waitress from the beginning instead of sitting back and bar tending the first few weeks she would have had a chance to step up her game, its not my fault her strategy was to do nothing. 

And all of this Lisa bashing Kelsey stuff is so out of line. First of all Kelsey went to school for 2 years, not 2 months. And so what if Lisa worked at Spago, of course she is going to have more experience she's in her 50's, and  I'm pretty sure she wasn't cooking for Madonna right out of school, or working as the head chef at a L'Ermitage hotel at 22. Kelsey is an amazing cook, she is quiet and reserved so people interpret her to be lazy and not up for the challenge, but she is, and she always comes out on top. Go sister!!!

Marco broke down the elimination to us later letting us know that Angie had pointed in his face and was way out of line. When we heard that Kelsey and I both thought, man this woman really is crazy. She just doesn't have any respect for anyone, no wonder her restaurant shut down and her daughter has a horrible attitude. 

On to our next challenge, breakfast and lunch service. Bring it on Lisa, Anapol, Sheri & Dean because our California Dreamin' ain't goin' no where. We are ready to fight for ourselves and to fight for our child (oh no wait that's not us, that's Angie, I mean who says that, and who says "God will strike you down"I will never cease to be amazed by other people) Go Red Team!!!

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